Friday, March 23, 2012

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed but still blue (6)

The first post about this serie was written on the 11th of January and now two and a half months later I can say: The folded quilt is ready! More than ten pairs of jeans were used, it has nineteen pockets and measures 2.25 X 2.35 mtrs and is named Connection. In the video you can also see Heartsong, Roads and Crossing, the pillows made with denim since they are a part of the serie Something old, something new, nothing borrowed but still blue.

Have a fabulous weekend with lots of spring sunshine and a gorgeous blue sky.


This video is uploaded for my German friends who are not allowed to see it with music.
Thanks Thoma, have a great weekend.



karen said...

great video, brilliant music and truly beautiful work. Now please will you make one for me?

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Elizabeth,

I adore your blue heaven and I admire your skills with video making! It's a great pleasure to see your work presented this way, a feast for the eyes (and in this case ears as well)!

Maggi said...

Well worth all the work that you have put into this. great video and music.

lheurebleue said...

Ha! Blue Jeans - The Movie!
Prachtige belichting, spannende muziek - mooi werk!
een mooie, blauwe zondag gewenst ...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you can't watch this video in Germany. It only shows a black screen with the German inscription (which I translated for you):
"Unfortunatley this video, which contains music from SME, is not avaiable in Germany." The following part is to complicated for me, but it says, that the GEMA has something against it.