Friday, March 2, 2012

My blue view

Some blue to get you through the weekend.

The rounding up is done.
The adding of the border started.

My kind of eyecandy.

Have a fabulous weekend and keep working on your own projects.



karen said...

oh my....I want to snuggle up under this wonderful quilt....and I will tell my mum that she cannot have her white cloth. It must come and live with your blue masterpiece!!

lheurebleue said...

dank! ik zie het weekend door een blauwe bril nu!

Zuzana said...

That's a lot of blue and a lot jeans, where did you get all of these.;)
I wish the sky was blue, but it has been only gray here today, gone is spring, back to winter again.;)
P has left for 5 days, so I have the house to myself, but am cooking dinner tonight for the boys, so keep your fingers crossed.;))
Have a great Sunday evening.;))