Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The beauty of the bitter cold

Winter's winds are cold
chilling to the bone
best to be inside
by fireside at home
underneath the eaves
spiderweb is spun
out of reach of rain
creature's work is done
now it's time to sleep
snug beneath the eider
and watch the silhouette
of a sugar glider

Spring is on the way
with her coloured flowers
select the brightest bunches
for the bridal bowers

This poem is written by Lee Emmett and the pictures are taken last sunday.

Have a wonderful day with warmth in your heart.



Maggi said...

Lovely photos and poem. I particularly like the sky in the first photo.

karen said...

gorgeous, gorgeous pictures....I hope you are warm and cosy!!

lheurebleue said...

da's het goeie van februari: hoe koud het ook is, de lente komt naderbij ...

Zuzana said...

Beautiful images dear friend loved the second one particularly.;) Keep warm.;)