Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swan's song

Last sunday we went for a walk to a nearby lake and my camera travelled with me. After about twenty minutes there a carcass of a swan on the path we walked on. Look at the picture and you'll know why I had to photograph it.

Sunday night I sent it as a postcard to blogcamp. Than Cyndy wrote: "Beautiful detail...a story in the least a poem...".

A Swan’s Song:
Fates Crossing

the swan graced the lake for many years
his beauty surpassing those of his peers
he stood a head taller than all of the rest
his height augmented by his inflated chest

indeed, he could glide across the water better than most
and the sun seemed to follow just him, he would boast
his song trumpeted louder and longer than the rest
due to the length of his most elegant neck, he guessed

his pumped up ego did not make friends with the others
so he mostly stayed to himself when he had his druthers.
when frigid winds blew he did not miss the warmth of the herd
he would just puff himself bigger and murmur a cursed word

one day a hungry fox slowly found her way to the lake
she ventured out of her lair into the cold for kits' sake
the bitter wind and blinding snow made it hard to see
but she trudged along, her belly empty

the gelid land did not have much to provide
its usual bounty under ice did hide
prospects of something warm-blooded were bleak
since most were underground for a long winter's sleep

the afternoon sun began to dip in the sky
and the fox lowered her head with a heavy sigh
there would be no dinner nor breakfast it seemed
when all of the sudden a bright illusion gleamed

across the lake a glowing white vision appeared
a glimpse of hope ~ or perhaps a mirage she feared
but then a blast of honks launched into a song
and the fox knew her heart and tummy could not be wrong

far in the distance a bevy of swans was assembled
and the prospect of the hunt made the vixen tremble
but there were too many of them to take at one time
until she saw a particular one was ready and prime

he floated by himself, his neck fully extended
gazing down at his reflection in the water, time suspended
he didn't seem to notice anything else but his own being
and the fox slithered towards him, soon off and fleeing

it was over rather quickly, the deed was done
the fox crashed into the water, the swan saw his last sun
his long neck made it easy for the her to carry
and soon thoughts of hunger and cold were contrary

frozen feathers lay upon the grass
a swan met a fox and his end, alas
the white barbs glistened with icy frost
reflecting a tale when fates were crossed

Thanks Cyndy for writing this special song.
Have a wonderful day.



Maggi said...

A very poignant photo and a lovely poem from Cyndy.

Zuzana said...

How sad...
Swans symbolize love and fidelity, as they frequently pair for life.
Love that image though and the beautiful poem too.

Cyndy said...

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the inspiration and for sharing! Blog Camp always seems to bring out the best in all of us ~ and it is even better when there is collaboration. Julochka would be proud!

karen said...

very thought provoking....In the UK Swans belong to the Queen but obviously they don't all live with her!!! We had them on a lake and pond near where I grew up and I was quite scared of them...they are so big.

lheurebleue said...

mooie foto, mooi gedicht!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

So beautiful! And I think you are a poet with pictures ...

julochka said...

i think this is such an awesome cross-atlantic intersection. so fabulous!

and if you want more swans, there are currently 44 of them holding a swan convention of some sort on our lake! they certainly are noisy!