Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sam Maloof, the woodmaker

On the 8th and 9th of December I wrote about the book Artist' handmade houses. In this book the house and work of Sam Maloof was shown and I was totally taken with it. This meant another trip to the library, where I found the book with the title Sam Maloof, woodworker written by himself. Sam is known for his gorgeous furniture especially his rocking chair. Still, when I had to choose what kind of picture I wanted today for you, I decided to photograph all the different latches which are shown in the book and made a collage of it.

(if you click on the picture it will enlarge)

Besides giving you this picture I also want to give you three quotations. The first one is written in the introduction by Jonathan Fairbanks: "In this computer age of mass-produced commodities, mankind suffers from a high degree of professional specialization, which separates rather than binds society together. The loss is especially evident in our depersonalized culture, which seeks information unrelated to feeling and interpersonal exchange. Many years ago, when village life brought diverse people together for daily barter, the artist's and the craftsman's work formed a basic material matrix in the community. In general that does not happen today; buyers almost never meet producers."

The two other quotations are written by Sam.

"Nearly every mass-produced article used in our homes today, regardless of material, was originally handmade by a craftsman, in many cases from the drawings of a designer or staff of designers. A craftsman knew not only how to interpret drawings but also how to use his tools. and the material involved to accomplish what the designers hand in mind. We marvel at the wonders of the machine, but nothing has been designed or made as wonderful as the hands of man. The machine has no human factors. What it produces has none of the elements of surprise or feeling that an object made by hand may have. It leave no room for change."

"I hope that my happiness with what I do is reflected in my furniture, any furniture, tells a story, the story of the person who made it. I do not try consciously to make my pieces reflect their maker, but I hope that my furniture is an outgoing part of my personality and my way of thinking. I hope that it is vibrant, alive, and friendly to the people who use it."

If you would like to read more about Sam you can click here or here. Maybe you would like to see his house and hear his voice that is possible too if you just click here.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I have reading his book.

Have a wonderful day.



karen said...

I didn't realise what a gorgeous word 'latches' is until I saw it here in print....latches, latches, latches...I shall be saying it all day.

Maggi said...

Those latches are just beautiful.

lheurebleue said...

Je laat mooie dingen zien maar ik word heel treurig van de tekst. Die is zo waar, je realiseert je hoeveel we verloren zijn door de 'vooruitgang'.

julochka said...

oh, husband would love those latches. must get that book from the library! :-)