Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Richard Plantagenet (10)

More tutorial pictures for you today. Now that the pages for the book about Richard Plantagenet are done, it is time for the cover and the wrapping. The picture above shows you my material for inspiration taken from pages of the Book of Hours of Richard III which were displayed in books I had from the library. 

For the cover I used an old hard cover of a book and wrapped the black velvet around it. To secure it a bit before starting with the wrapping I used two french knots on either side to hold the little middle piece in place.

And here you can see how I stitched the cover and the pages into a book.

Beside this background information on my book I want to tell you also something really exciting. In December I already told you that someone ordered this fabulous book about Richard Plantagenet of Sharon Kay Penman at the library. In the meantime she has started reading, drawing and decided to make also a book. YES!!!! I have no idea, when she will start blogging about it but I can hardly wait to she which angle she takes and how she proceeds. And ofcourse I will tell you about it.

That was all for today. Enjoy yourself.



karen said...

MY KING would be very proud of your work! It will be fascinating to see the other persons work too....

lheurebleue said...

wat is dit toch een heerlijk project. en nu gaat iemand anders er ook mee aan de slag. spannend!