Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday's music

Not so long ago I saw the movie Chocolat for the first time. Lucky me since there was some really passionate gypsy music in it and therefore I serve you: Chocolat.

Have a sweet start of your week.



Elisabeth said...

Zuzana sent me here. Great music for Chocolat. Thanks. I look forward to getting to know another Elizabeth - with Z - better.

Zuzana said...

Oh, one of my favorite movies;) It is so incredibly sensual and evocative and the music is great.;)) Happy Monday dear friend,

Maggi said...

Wonderful movie, I have watched and enjoyed it several times. Of course, having Johnny Depp in it doesn't hurt either!

lheurebleue said...

ik heb zowel van het boek als van de film genoten. ik ben een fan van juliette binoche. de muziek herinnerde ik mij niet. gek, want zo mooi!