Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valhalla in blue

(click on the image to enlarge)

 Still very busy to deconstruct old, washed jeans. Got 3 blue and 1 black one from a friend last thursday and they are almost done. I'm probably halfway down the pile of jeans I need, to make the quilt I want to make and therefore I need to be in heaven for the next week. Tough job but someone has to do it.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday's music

I heard that you've been feeling down and blue,
*But there ain't nothing really wrong with you*,
You just need a little *tendin to*
Let me show you what a little bit of love can do!
It's amazing what a little bit of love can do!

I've been told someone needs a little help,
Having trouble getting *on with* someone else
*I'm here to tell you* everything is gonna be fine!
Yeah I know you're *hurtin, cause* your heart is breaking!
I think that I can *alleviate the situation*
Look in my eyes and listen to me baby, *put your little hand in mine*
*I know* that you've been feeling down and blue,
*But there ain't* nothing really wrong with you!
You just need a little *tendin to*
Let me show you what a little bit of love can do!

Take your time, listen to *all that I'm saying, *
*I've got a hunch that *loving you is worth the waiting
I'm gonna prove it to you before this night is through
There's a way, to turn the* pain right into pleasure*,
Drastic times, seem to call for drastic measures,
You need to know, girl I can fix you *if the remedy is tried and true.*

Chorus: (x3)
I know that you've been feeling down and blue,
*But there ain't* nothing really wrong with you
You just need a little tendin' to
Let me show you what a little bit of love can do!

It's amazing what a little bit of love can do,
Let me show you what a little bit of love can do! 

Have a wonderful start of your week.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed but still blue (3)

My days are filled with blue, no matter which form, the clear, sunny blue sky, a shell on the beach or the old, washed and ragged jeans. My blue love isn't new, it is a very old friend. The one that lured me to Denmark and therefore partly responsible for me living on my beautiful peninsula. The one that made me look at stones and shells, the one that makes me needle away all my time just now. My heart sings time and again when seeing, touching or holding my blue. It is hard to explain. Totally absorbed by it, constantly scribbling down new ideas, asking around for old jeans which are on the verge of being thrown out, constantly looking forward to the time I can spend in blue.

(click on the picture to enlarge it)

The collage is of a small, sweet smelling pillow made of scraps needled together with blue, the name of this sweetheart is heartsong. There is nothing more to say; I love my blue.

Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Blue inspiration

If you have been around lately

and you have seen the start of the serie

You probably realize that I spent a lot of time deconstructing old, washed jeans.

and having a grand time with so much blue beauty.

Hope you are having just as much fun.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Blue inspiration

Yesterday Jamiroquai sang about Blue skies.

Today I show you a few of the pictures taken last sunday.

While being totally bundled up to keep out the cold wind

more than these few pictures were taken.

Have a beautiful day.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday's music

Monday's music will be totally in tune with what is on my mind these day. The one thing that totally absorbs my attention like never before despite the fact that I know already for years that I am blue girl.

So these are the figurines
Acting out all the scenes before my eyes
I thought I knew them all by name
But they started looking much the same
And it’s no surprise
But I don’t wanna listen
Too much

How can I give up on all the days I know I’ve won
There’s nothing but rainbows
I believe in the shadows
Now honey
Thought I might Be dropping out
But now I am gonna work it out
I am gonna work with me
I am Runnin’ like it …looser

Then I’m Rolling Like sea Rusty Ship On A Stormy Sea
You know that people are saying
Strange things
Talk to the hand ’cause I know you think the face is gone
I don’t wanna listen
Too much

I’m not gonna give up on all the days I know I’ve won
There’s nothing but blue sky
There’s nothing but blue sky
Nothings gonna stop me now
I am skimming like a skipping stone on a silver lake
I take it when the chips are down
But to play the perfect happy clown
You gotta make a mistake (gotta make mistakes)

People are saying
Strange things
And I don’t wanna listen (I don’t wanna listen)
Too much yeah
Nothing but blue sky
Blue Sky
How can I tell you I Know this wont Be the last Song
I don’t wanna listen (I don’t wanna listen)
Too much

Not gonna give up on the days I know I’ve won
That’s where I am going
’cause there is nothing nothing but blue sky
That’s where I am going
Nothing but
Rainbows falling down on me …uh yeah hey
Nothing but blue sky
Can’t you see
That’s where I am going
Got to believe me
That’s where I am going

Blue will be around at least for the week to come. For some, blue is the word of feeling depressed, while for others blue describes the moments of total clarity.

What does blue mean for you?

Have a great start of your week.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed but still blue

My little blue one is ready.

A weaved front and back.

With many small, sweet details.

My blue love


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swan's song

Last sunday we went for a walk to a nearby lake and my camera travelled with me. After about twenty minutes there a carcass of a swan on the path we walked on. Look at the picture and you'll know why I had to photograph it.

Sunday night I sent it as a postcard to blogcamp. Than Cyndy wrote: "Beautiful detail...a story in the making...at least a poem...".

A Swan’s Song:
Fates Crossing

the swan graced the lake for many years
his beauty surpassing those of his peers
he stood a head taller than all of the rest
his height augmented by his inflated chest

indeed, he could glide across the water better than most
and the sun seemed to follow just him, he would boast
his song trumpeted louder and longer than the rest
due to the length of his most elegant neck, he guessed

his pumped up ego did not make friends with the others
so he mostly stayed to himself when he had his druthers.
when frigid winds blew he did not miss the warmth of the herd
he would just puff himself bigger and murmur a cursed word

one day a hungry fox slowly found her way to the lake
she ventured out of her lair into the cold for kits' sake
the bitter wind and blinding snow made it hard to see
but she trudged along, her belly empty

the gelid land did not have much to provide
its usual bounty under ice did hide
prospects of something warm-blooded were bleak
since most were underground for a long winter's sleep

the afternoon sun began to dip in the sky
and the fox lowered her head with a heavy sigh
there would be no dinner nor breakfast it seemed
when all of the sudden a bright illusion gleamed

across the lake a glowing white vision appeared
a glimpse of hope ~ or perhaps a mirage she feared
but then a blast of honks launched into a song
and the fox knew her heart and tummy could not be wrong

far in the distance a bevy of swans was assembled
and the prospect of the hunt made the vixen tremble
but there were too many of them to take at one time
until she saw a particular one was ready and prime

he floated by himself, his neck fully extended
gazing down at his reflection in the water, time suspended
he didn't seem to notice anything else but his own being
and the fox slithered towards him, soon off and fleeing

it was over rather quickly, the deed was done
the fox crashed into the water, the swan saw his last sun
his long neck made it easy for the her to carry
and soon thoughts of hunger and cold were contrary

frozen feathers lay upon the grass
a swan met a fox and his end, alas
the white barbs glistened with icy frost
reflecting a tale when fates were crossed

Thanks Cyndy for writing this special song.
Have a wonderful day.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday's music

Not so long ago I saw the movie Chocolat for the first time. Lucky me since there was some really passionate gypsy music in it and therefore I serve you: Chocolat.

Have a sweet start of your week.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed but still blue

You all remember the picture from the Artists' handmade houses, right?!? This picture and the fact that I have two boys around who love to give me some old, worn out jeans means a new project is born. Today the first pictures.

In case you are wondering about the title. Something old, the jeans without a doubt. Something new, the red thread ofcourse. Nothing borrowed since me and taking measurements is not a match made in heaven so I didn't cut squares and sewed them together, I just went on a weaving-trip. The blue, needs no explaination since Blue and me are old friends.

Hope you are having just as much fun as I have since I'm not fighting the moonlight.

See you.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday's music

No special memory today, just a small correction. Up to now you only got male musicians served on these cold, wet and windy monday mornings. Today I serve you some female companionship.

Enjoy the start of a new week.


Friday, January 6, 2012

Richard Plantagenet (12)

The final post on Richard, Duke of York. The reading of The Sunne in Splendour, the drawing, the hunt for materials, the experimenting, the making of this book and the creation of the video has come to an end. Today the final pictures and the video. Enjoy.

The wrapping cloth with a celtic R.

Another picture of one of the buttons.

The white rose, the symbol of the House of York.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and mails.
Have a great weekend.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sam Maloof, the woodmaker

On the 8th and 9th of December I wrote about the book Artist' handmade houses. In this book the house and work of Sam Maloof was shown and I was totally taken with it. This meant another trip to the library, where I found the book with the title Sam Maloof, woodworker written by himself. Sam is known for his gorgeous furniture especially his rocking chair. Still, when I had to choose what kind of picture I wanted today for you, I decided to photograph all the different latches which are shown in the book and made a collage of it.

(if you click on the picture it will enlarge)

Besides giving you this picture I also want to give you three quotations. The first one is written in the introduction by Jonathan Fairbanks: "In this computer age of mass-produced commodities, mankind suffers from a high degree of professional specialization, which separates rather than binds society together. The loss is especially evident in our depersonalized culture, which seeks information unrelated to feeling and interpersonal exchange. Many years ago, when village life brought diverse people together for daily barter, the artist's and the craftsman's work formed a basic material matrix in the community. In general that does not happen today; buyers almost never meet producers."

The two other quotations are written by Sam.

"Nearly every mass-produced article used in our homes today, regardless of material, was originally handmade by a craftsman, in many cases from the drawings of a designer or staff of designers. A craftsman knew not only how to interpret drawings but also how to use his tools. and the material involved to accomplish what the designers hand in mind. We marvel at the wonders of the machine, but nothing has been designed or made as wonderful as the hands of man. The machine has no human factors. What it produces has none of the elements of surprise or feeling that an object made by hand may have. It leave no room for change."

"I hope that my happiness with what I do is reflected in my furniture, any furniture, tells a story, the story of the person who made it. I do not try consciously to make my pieces reflect their maker, but I hope that my furniture is an outgoing part of my personality and my way of thinking. I hope that it is vibrant, alive, and friendly to the people who use it."

If you would like to read more about Sam you can click here or here. Maybe you would like to see his house and hear his voice that is possible too if you just click here.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I have reading his book.

Have a wonderful day.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Richard Plantagenet (11)

Some pictures

of details

which you haven't see yet.

My book about Richard is ready and you will be seeing the end result in a video. Please be patient because I haven't started with it yet.

Enjoy yourself.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Richard Plantagenet (10)

More tutorial pictures for you today. Now that the pages for the book about Richard Plantagenet are done, it is time for the cover and the wrapping. The picture above shows you my material for inspiration taken from pages of the Book of Hours of Richard III which were displayed in books I had from the library. 

For the cover I used an old hard cover of a book and wrapped the black velvet around it. To secure it a bit before starting with the wrapping I used two french knots on either side to hold the little middle piece in place.

And here you can see how I stitched the cover and the pages into a book.

Beside this background information on my book I want to tell you also something really exciting. In December I already told you that someone ordered this fabulous book about Richard Plantagenet of Sharon Kay Penman at the library. In the meantime she has started reading, drawing and decided to make also a book. YES!!!! I have no idea, when she will start blogging about it but I can hardly wait to she which angle she takes and how she proceeds. And ofcourse I will tell you about it.

That was all for today. Enjoy yourself.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday's music

2012 has started and today it is monday again. The music today is a thank you-note for a very special man to whom I owe a lot including the present of country music.

Just a short while ago I had another anniversary of the heart, one that made me live without a home. Luckily I never had to sleep on the street since a friend opened his place for me while he stayed at his parents. Still, I had to find something for myself upon his return and I found a great place at mr. P.. His kindness, help, warmth and love was just what I needed. He could make me laugh til my body totally hurted and tears were rolling over my face. We could talk for hours, dance and sing until dropping of exhaustion. He gave me: Johnny Cash, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and many more. And therefore I say:'Thank you mr. P. with all my heart. You are the best!

And ofcourse I have a little gift for mr. P. and for you.

Have a fabulous start of your week.