Thursday, December 1, 2011

Richard Plantagenet (4)

The last few days I have been very busy with mr. Fox. In my post a few days ago I showed you how I embroidered the fox on a piece of cotton. My initial idea was to have the fox standing in a cotton circle. Unfortunately when it was time to needle the piece on the the black velvet I didn't like it.

This meant I had to cut away the cotton fabric around the fox. Sounds easy enough and so I did and needled it on the black velvet.

The result: Horrendous!!!! Not only that but the tail of mr. Fox was much to long and therefore I had to correct that too. I know, why didn't you take any measurements? Just didn't. But there had to be a solution to this problem I created. Dropping mr. Fox wasn't an option since the symbolic meaning of the fox is the essence of the character of Richard Plantagenet as described in the book The Sunne Splendor of Sharon Kay Penman. And you all know how I feel about symbols, so what was I to do?

This is the solution I came up with. Hundreds of small stitches along his little body and in the picture above is how mr. Fox will look like in my new book. What do you think? The picture leaves much to be desired I know but it is 10.00 o'clock and I still need artificial light! Welcome to the first of December.

Now you all know that not everything turns out perfect but a lot can be corrected.

Have fun today and don't mind making some mistakes.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Yes - and isn't it so, that by doing those mistakes we learn the most? And by achieving to turn failure into success we feel even happier than if the goal has been reached easily?

This being the challenge of living a creative life ...

Mr. Fox looks very good on the velvet background now - good job!

Zuzana said...

Beautiful post with so much symbolism my dear Elizabeth.;) Yes, the best comes out of events gone wrong, your fox looks stunning with the corrections.;)
Have a grand Friday my dear big sis,

lheurebleue said...

ja, de dingen gaan niet altijd zoals je zou willen - maar gelukkig kan je dan vaak toch een list bedenken! en je vos komt zo veel beter uit!