Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday's music

On this monday, after a stormy weekend with a lovely taekwondo afternoon and lots of embroidery, it is time for another song. Today I picked a song that reminded me of the time when I returned to my hometown and lived together with four other young people. We had one ritual I still look back on with great fondness and that was doing the dishes together because this meant very loud ABBA music and everybody was singing along. Not that any of us were ABBA-fans but these songs were so easy to sing along with. It was more than hilarious for us and very annoying to the next door neighbours because the cd-player with big loudspeakers was standing in the attick and we were downstairs in the kitchen ofcourse.  Lots of fun than, lots of memories now.

Enjoy your monday while you are creating new memories.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh yes, I have many teenage memories with ABBA as well ... and with The Beatles, of course!

Doesn't seem to be that much 'sing-along'-music among the youngsters now - what kind of music memories will they have?

Zuzana said...

Good morning dear Elizabeth and thank you for this musical treat. I love ABBA, always have and always swill.;) It was great to listen to this more rockier piece of theirs where Bjorn is singing as well, for a change.;)
Hope you survived the storm this weekend, it was pretty severe on the top pf Jylland - my first real storm.;))

Mary said...

Abba was huge in Australia - so yes I grew up singing their songs too - as loudly as possible.