Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Richard Plantagenet (3)

The historical novel of Sharon Kay Penman starts more or less with Richard as a child and a fox.
Therefore I decided that there had to be a fox in the book. Oh boy was I in trouble! (Never embroidered any animal before.)

So what did I do? Googled, found the picture above, printed it and the fun could start! Sound straight forward and easy enough and therefore I will not tell you how many hours I have been contemplating and working on the cute fox below.

Keeping my fingers crossed that you can see that it is a fox! Used three different shades of brown of which I took one thread and bundled the three colours together. The stitch is ofcourse the Bayeux-stitch in a variation of my own since I used a fly-stitch to finish it. The eyes and nose is a French knot and a running stitch. The white stitches are also fly-stitches.

This is all for today. Have fun and I'll see you soon.


Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday's music

On this monday, after a stormy weekend with a lovely taekwondo afternoon and lots of embroidery, it is time for another song. Today I picked a song that reminded me of the time when I returned to my hometown and lived together with four other young people. We had one ritual I still look back on with great fondness and that was doing the dishes together because this meant very loud ABBA music and everybody was singing along. Not that any of us were ABBA-fans but these songs were so easy to sing along with. It was more than hilarious for us and very annoying to the next door neighbours because the cd-player with big loudspeakers was standing in the attick and we were downstairs in the kitchen ofcourse.  Lots of fun than, lots of memories now.

Enjoy your monday while you are creating new memories.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Richard Plantagenet (2)

Today in part two I show you the start of two pages. The picture above is a page from the book of Jan Messent, which gave me the idea on how to portray clothes.

In the sampler is inspired by the tablet weaving. The stitches I used are: running stitch variations, backstitch variations, Pekinese backstitch and chain stitch. The last one is called a sneglesting in Danish and is a variation of the Coral stitch. If you happen to know the English name for this one, please share this with me.

Since this is a book about the life of a king it needs also to have so special materials, which are king-worthy. First I drew and cut two of these strings of paper and folded them together to see if it could work.

And as I told you before I have been on the look out for special materials and found the next items on a craftmarket. Cutted two strings and folded them together. In my imagination this could be a braid on a special garment.

That's all for today. Enjoy yourself during the weekend and I'll see you soon.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Richard Plantagenet

This new project isn't really new anymore since I started it during early spring of this year. Why did I take so long to share it with all of you? I had just too much fun with the preparations. The start of this endeavor started by reading the historical novel of Sharon Kay Penman called The Sunne in Splendour. The name Richard Plantagenet probably doesn't ring a bell in your head unless you are familiar with the mediaeval history of the England. And yes I admit I got a little bit carried away as you can see in the picture! (and I read the novel 3 times, oops)

Most of you already know that history is one of my weakspots and Richard Plantagenet gave me another chance to use the techniques in one of my favorite books of Jan Messent. Furthermore was there an enormous challenge since I forced myself to work with totally different materials. This meant visiting shops, a lot of them, until I found what I wanted to have for my book about the life of King Richard III of England.

This sounds all very promising I know but today I have just a piece of felt for you with a R, stitched in an open chainstitch.This piece of felt symbolises the blanket Richard left behind when he had to fled England as a child.

Have no idea how long this journey will last since I am still not finished! Maybe I should start finding a good excuse for all my procrastinating.

Enjoy your day.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Warm feet

Two weeks ago Anneli showed her houseboots on her blog of reclaimed wool. Since cold feet is one of my mayor problems I was immediately taken by the idea and I still had some leftovers in my stash. Making them took a bit longer than I anticipated, blame my pneumonia, but now they are warm and cosy wrapped around my feet. My feet are now called Happy Feet.

Thank you Anneli for a great idea and my feet are forever in debt with you.


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A sunday stroll

Last sunday the sun showed herself in abundance at first but later on a fog came in and put our peninsula under a thick blanket. In the pictures you can see the three different lakes Oldenor, Gammeldam and Nordborg lake which all are in walking distance of my house. On a day like this I feel so, so lucky that I live here. The beauty of the landscape can still sweep me of my feet despite the fact that I walk these paths alongside the lakes already for more than five years.

And that is reason enough to make a collage with my quote: "Life is grand but the details are giving it meaning." and show it to you.

Enjoy your day no matter where you live.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday's music

Time for another Monday's music after a week of silence on my part. Unfortunately I can't write about something very special, exciting or wildly fantastic that happend since I was just sick. Trying to take it easy so my pneumonia would leave asap. Which is frankly impossible task with two kids running around and husband in Barcelona but now that I'm on the mend and it is time for some music.
After my last monday-post I wrote a lovely list with all kinds of songs and memories. This is what I call planning ahead and therefore today I discard the list and give you a song which I only found a week ago. No better logic than mine when it comes to lists and planning!


Now some of you know that I really like to read the lyrics of new finds. One small problem in the whole blogosphere I couldn't find the lyrics of my new favorite!!!! That is a sure sign for me to get to work.

Don't count me out just yet
That's never been a good bet
Just when you think I'm gone
That's when I come back strong
I have learned how to survive
to bite the wind of change and stay alive
I keep my feet on sunny ground
and like some relentless summer I keep coming back around.

Don't you wander
if you can't depend on me
'cause I am surer than any bet you see
I come out stronger and I come out wiser
Don't you know by now I'm a survivor, survivor.

You ain't seen the likes of me
I burn my down and I rise up relentlessly
I have been knocked out and have been kicked into the curb
Have been left for death and so for what is might be worth

Don't you wander
if you can't depend on me
'cause I am surer than any bet you see
I come out stronger and I come out wiser
Don't you know by now I'm a survivor.

Well, you can't shake a strong faith
nothing in the world can't take away the faith I got in me.

Don't you wander
if you can't depend on me
'cause I am surer than any bet I bet you see
I come out stronger and I come out wiser
Don't you know by now I'm a survivor, I'm a survivor

So don't count me out just yet
That's never been a good bet.

Survivor is a demo. The recordingdate is unknown to me but it is before nov. 2008 since that is the first time this song was posted on YouTube. Keith Urban sings it and plays the guitar and therefore I assume he wrote it but I'm not sure about this last fact. One thing I do know: I love it.

So let's hear it.

Hope this will give you a fabulous start of your week. Happy Monday!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blue spirit

Some days you gotta dance
Live it up when you get the chance
When the world doesn't make no sense
And you're feeling just a little too tense
Gotta loosen up those chains and dance

I know it's hard holdin on
Even harder trying to let it go
And so you're frozen like a stone
But you are not alone

 (a photograph of me)


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Jan Messent

A few weeks back Julie told about this book of Jan Messent which she found in the Danish library. The books of Jan are often very inspirational and so I couln't resist to order the book as well. While reading it I realized how much I liked her work because we both have a soft spot for history and old craftmanship.

This book is a perfect addition to my list of vintage books and I hope that you can get hold of a copy at your library. I promise, you will have some lovely hours filled with all the inspiration you can handle.

Have a day filled with joy.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

By co-incidence

Last satuday the weather was just perfect to be outside. Unfortunately a sick little boy made it impossible to go anywhere and therefore I decided to work in the garden. You know, battling with the autumn leafs and making another attempt to get some control of the weeds in the garden. After a few hours I was ready to do something different but I didn't want to go inside just yet.

Luckily I remembered some piece of driftwood laying under the carport. Right there and than I decided to make my moment of total clarity-symbol and used more or less the same technique as I did with the frame for the Magnificent windows. Making it took just a few minutes but ofcourse I wanted to make a picture of it. For me this means walking around to find the best spot. Tried all kinds of backgrounds with plants, on the grass, with large piece of driftwood, etc.. At some point I walked over to the hazelnut-trees with the small stones under them. There I took the picture above. It felt like an ok picture but it didn't excite me.

At that moment I noticed a stack of stones laying in the same area. Looked at the stones and noticed this large grey stone with its two orange lines. Put my symbol on top of the stone and it fitted perfectly. Two lines, two people, meeting or having a conversation which is giving them a moment of total clarity. Now the picture had meaning for me, now it felt perfect.

All that time I had been walking with a large piece of driftwood around because I thought/felt that had to be in the picture. Since I made my perfect picture without it, I took the piece back to its place on the terrace. While putting down this  gorgeous piece of wood I saw a spider sitting quietly.  Now maybe some of you will remember that a cute spider also crawled on Soul Food. It is therefore that a smile appeared on my face since the spider always tells the beautiful story of creating.

A perfect end for another saturday in the garden.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday's music

Since I like this serie of Monday's music you get another episode served today. Now despite the fact that I am already for a zillion years totally nuts about guitars in songs, this wasn't always the case. Like everyone else I went through different fases in my life with different music to accompany me. Today I take you back to my early teenage years. Back to the days were the words cd or internet had not entered my dictionary, let alone satisfy my cravings for music. So I collected lp's from my favorite band  the Bee Gees. Movies like Staying Alive and Grease got me started but very soon I found a much better lp from them. It is called Bee Gees 1st, released in 1967 and the song I selected is called I can't see nobody, which was just an albumtrack.

And although I nowadays only hear the Bee Gees so now and again on the radio, the lyrics are still coming out of my mouth as if I heard the song yesterday. (My boys look in amazement whenever they witness such an event!)

What kind of music kept you company during your teenage years?


Friday, November 4, 2011

Blue spirit

Today I have just a sneak peak for you. This is part of a circle I am making in French knots, so far I used three shades of blue and white on a woollen background. At the moment this is my doodle, to give myself the chance to let my thoughts fly around while some wonderful voices and amazing guitars holding me company.

Have a great weekend.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mapping the maps

Last friday night Kathryn Clark mentioned the book of Manuel Lima called Visual complexity, mapping patterns of information. Never heard about this project before and therefore I went on a google-hunt and I found a treasure for everyone who likes maps.


Do you have an interest in maps or mapping than you really need to click here because it will give you access to 769 different project which are mapped.

Enjoy yourself.