Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday's music

Today an experience that was really testing my patience. Several years ago, still living in the Netherlands, I went to a concert of BonJovi. As you all know a stadion concert always starts with a support-act and that night the support-act was Slash. Since I liked and still like guitars I was looking forward to it. But Oh boy what a turn off, I got so irretated that I even couldn't listen to his music anymore. What happend? He couldn't say a sentence with at least twice saying the word: Fuck.

Yes, I can hear some laughter but really try to listen to a grown guy for about 45 minutes who's favorite word is FUCK. Sorry, that was asked too much of my patience. Nevertheless here is a live version of Patience played by .... Guns N' Roses with mr. ....

Enjoy your monday.


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Zuzana said...

Oh, this certainly woke me up even though I got to sleep an hour longer than usual.;) Have a great Monday dear friend,