Sunday, October 16, 2011

Making one to see VI

In the first post of this serie I already mentioned that the eye-painting of Scott Marr as a source of inspiration. Since this picture is capturing my eye each day I decided to make my own version of it. While the other symbols are small this one is relatively large.

Again I used driftwood, the weave technique used in dreamcatchers and the copper nails which were found a couple of years ago on the beach close to Ærø. And again I used the bayeux-stitch but this time I made my own variations with the stitch. In the variations I used the chain-stitch, french knots and buttonhole stitch. Together the stitches are giving a rich texture to the symbol.

Making one to see is a serie to remind myself how rich life is with beautiful experiences, friends just an email away and that no matter, new adventures always lay ahead.

To finish todays post I have a song for you from Nina Simon.

No matter what you do today, Enjoy yourself.



deanna7trees said...

beautiful stitching.

karen said...

that is an absolutely beautiful piece of embroidery my friend.....