Friday, October 14, 2011

Making one to see V

During my absence in blogosphere our house also got a new roof, this led to a whole range of new experiences. Never before had I been standing on a scaffolding and it was an awesome. Don't worry I didn't put the roof on, I just painted the new woodwork. My love for the wind isn't a secret for you since I blogged about it time and again. You probably remember this booklet. But while standing high up, smelling the fresh wood, the paint and the wind blowing so fiercely at times I just felt free. I remembered my dad, who was a carpenter, I thought about my dreamhouse in the magazine and in the evening I sat down browsing through my encyclopedia on wood. Yes, I admit I have such a book. (blushing).

So this little roof in bayeux-stitch is a reminder of my time on the roof because the experience made me see how much I love to try new things and how past, present and future are weaved together.

Have a fabulous day and smile because life is so beautiful.


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tangled stitch said...

My dad was a carpenter too, something else in common! Hope you are well and like the V.