Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making one to see II

This little pink shell I found the other day on the road in front of my house, which is kinda odd because despite the fact that  I live on an beautiful peninsula, the beach is a few kilometers away. It raises the question how did it land almost on my doorstep?

The shell is one of the symbols on Soul Food. The explanation I gave was:
A shell is a home, a place of shelter for a little animal. He doesn't want to be spotted but is still seen in all it's beauty because of his unique shell. The shell is strong, the weakness is the small opening which needs to be there in order to live. Being open is a neccesity for us human beings too but how often don't we want to hide?
Those who followed the making of Soul Food know that the color pink means carries all the facets of love to me.  So why do I tell you all this. Well at the moment that I found this little one I was angry with myself for making a mess of things and when I feel that way I tend to shy away from the world. Normally Anneli, Karen or Zuzana try to make me see the beauty of life again with their wisdom and talent to make me laugh. This time a perfect little pink shell was delivered at my doorstep and the sun inside myself started shining again. To make sure that I remember this co-incidence I made this.

Have a great day with your own little miracle.



Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Elizabeth, hallo little pink snail -

well, these kind of wonders happen all the time to those who open up their heart and mind for it ...

Treading lightly, softening your voice, bending down and sharpening your sight helps sometimes - and at other times, you just have to raise your head to see the sun coming through.

So glad you keep reminding us of that, Elizabeth!

karen said...

your shell is beautiful, I imagine a little bird dropped it for you,very gently.

lheurebleue said...

als ik een mooie schelp op het strand vind, ben ik even verrukt als een klein kind. jij beschrijft heel mooi wat de betekenis van een schelp kan zijn ...

Zuzana said...

I do not know how I missed this post, but I hope that the symbolism that you found in it still speaks to you today.;)
I think it is a discarded snail shell, so maybe the message is just - it is time to move on.;)