Monday, October 10, 2011

Making one to see I

As you can see in the picture above the first piece of this serie is a leaf in a frame of pieces of wood that I found on the beach.  This leaf brings back a lot of memories. Lets see if I can write it down in such a way that it also makes sense to you.

First of all it reminds me of my eye-haemorrhage early february 2010. It was a scary time, losing my eyesight partly, an eye-operation and the aftermath without knowing if things would turn out ok. You, my blogfriends, kept me company while I was sitting with my head down following the instructions of the doctor. Edit sent me Nothing I've ever known from Brian. And although it is a love song the lines:

Right now I feel - just like a leaf on a breeze
Who knows where it's blowin'
Who knows where it's goin'
I find myself somewhere I - I never thought I'd be
Going round in circles 

are engraved in my memory, I will never forget them because that's how I felt and they made me see how fragile one is. Now after 18 months, three eye-surgeries and no second haemorrhage, which was a fear of the doctors, I am ok again. Despite the fact that I lost part of my eye-sight I still can do what I love to do and this leaf shows you that.

The frame has also a special message. If you look closely you can see that the frame isn't totally closed. The reason for that lies in the conversations I have with Judith from time to time while sitting down with our Chai tea in some cafe in S√łnderborg. No matter which topic we are discussing the conclusion is often the same. That conclusion is that a lot of problems come into this world because we, human beings, stick to a box of rules without questioning if these rules are there for our benefit or to stop us from being ourselves and expressing us accordingly. So my leaf isn't boxed in, it is blowing in the wind and who knows where it is going. To protect the leaf a little bit I used the weaving technique as I used in What you see is what get-envelope and in my little dreamcatcher.

This is all for today, hope you like the little leaf in bayeux-stitch and the meaning it has for me.

Have a wonderful day and remember to smile, you never know who's heart you touch.



julochka said...

it is a very eye-like leaf. and you KNOW i think that's a good thing. :-) i'm really glad that your eye ordeal is behind you, but look at the art that came of it!

happy monday!

Zuzana said...

I love your dream catcher leaf! before even read what you wrote, dream catcher come to mind. It resembles the one we have hanging above our bed.;)
I am glad your eye sight is fine my dear friend,

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Yes - I do like your blue leaf a lot, Elizabeth - and I'm so very glad your eyes are OK again, so you can see all those tiny and wonderful things ...

karen said...

such a lovely, thought provoking post....

lheurebleue said...

een blad en een beetje een oog.
afschuwelijk als je ineens zoiets ingrijpends aan je ogen hebt ...