Friday, October 7, 2011

Just because

Almost a month ago I published my first video Just because. At that time I didn't tell anything about the new artwork or why I created this serie. So that is going to be corrected today. The serie Just because is a combination of old and new pieces and each of them tell a part of a not written story.

This celtic drawing in purple for me is about life. It tells how we move from one situation to the next, how we meet happiness and sorrow while travelling around through our time.

Some of you have already seen this symbol a couple of times since I am so happy with it. First of all this symbol has nothing to do with religion. The two crosses-symbol stand for two people, who never met, standing at crossroads. They sense connection and as soon as they meet the two crosses will become one cross. If you think in soulmate terms, you probably understand what I mean.

This clothposter is from the serie Courtship, for the love of it. The words describe the way people courted through the centuries and I'm fascinated by the diverse ways in how people meet, not only in a romantic way.

This symbol has been with me forever and you can even see it in my very first post, just as the two crosses. This circular form can be seen as the path the soul needs to travel. But every now and than the soul wanders off the circle by choice or an experience. Later on when things don't feel good anymore it has to find it's way back too the circle in order to feel I'm on the right track again.

The connection symbol has been seen on this blog in all it stages but somehow I managed to keep the inspiration for this one hidden. The name of the symbol is connection and again it is about two people and how their energy and openess create another circle for life. The origin of this symbol lies an interview I saw with Keith, specificly the timeframe of 3.14 til 4.00.

This last symbol is one I created while being on my walkabout. The sentence: "Whether we meet next weekend, next month or never again, it doesn't matter, it's only time." Comes from the american TV-serie called Queer as folk, final episode of season 5 in the timeframe 00.45.00 til 00.46.05. What this symbol means to me is that time and again we say goodbye to people for various reasons. Still the separation, the time we spend apart, is only physical and that doesn't really matter since the energy shared, the memories stay with us forever.

To end this very personal serie I have made another video with not only pictures but also video-footage. I chose to make Just because this way because life is filled with debris and only love and care between people makes this world beautiful. The music is from Alvin Lee, another man who knows how to touch a guitar.

Have a great weekend with lots of inspiration.



Zuzana said...

My dear, what a unique personal post. The meeting between two people and the connection they experience is the focal point here. As you know, I share with you the importance of the meaning when it comes to random encounters and how at one point we are bound to meet someone who will touch the very core of our being. I have a few encounters of this kind in my past, whether they were brief or lasting, they mattered a great deal and shaped my destiny.
Beautiful art, beautiful words and beautiful clip. Not to mention that guitar sound.;)
Have a great weekend too,

karen said...

I will never, ever tire of looking at your cloth poster and I especially love the way it moved in the breeze on the video. As for your are so clever, special effects!!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Dear Elizabeth, I just love your very special and personal approach to this!