Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday's music

Today an experience that was really testing my patience. Several years ago, still living in the Netherlands, I went to a concert of BonJovi. As you all know a stadion concert always starts with a support-act and that night the support-act was Slash. Since I liked and still like guitars I was looking forward to it. But Oh boy what a turn off, I got so irretated that I even couldn't listen to his music anymore. What happend? He couldn't say a sentence with at least twice saying the word: Fuck.

Yes, I can hear some laughter but really try to listen to a grown guy for about 45 minutes who's favorite word is FUCK. Sorry, that was asked too much of my patience. Nevertheless here is a live version of Patience played by .... Guns N' Roses with mr. ....

Enjoy your monday.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pictures from ...

The colours,

the places one can call home

are different for every little one,

and large one,

 for the tight family,

or those who just want some back-up.

The woods a special place

with some gorgeous hollow bones to tell us their story.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pictures from ...

And while their shapes

are different time and again

one can only say they are gorgeous,

just like the light on a sunny day in the fall.

Have a great sunday.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Pictures from ....

the picture-walk through the woods.

There was a large variety of  these little ones,

not that I have any knowledge

which to leave alone and which to take home.

But they have a special place in my heart.

Enjoy your wednesday.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pictures from ...

My eye loves to see the different textures,

the different ways of building a community 

or the one's who stand proudly by themselves

without being afraid to show their truly colours

reflecting on mother earth.

Enjoy your thursday.


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pictures from .....

Just got back from a holiday

in the Netherlands,

The sun was shining,

which meant plenty of opportunity to get into the woods.

Tomorrow I will continue ....


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New milestone

Today I want to welcome all my fellow Husflid-members.  Yes, I got a piece in the magazine for the first time. Husflid is a creative magazine in Denmark and they had asked their subscribers to enter their knitting work. That is why I chose the Changing the landscape-project, the strawberry-x and the Shoebox-project.

Hurry for first times!!!!

Enjoy your day with smile.


Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's music

Since music is one of my major crushes I decided to create Monday's music to start the week off in a different way. Today I have a live video from The Coast with Duncan Chisholm for you. A song with a celtic feeling, the song is called The beat of you.

Did you enjoy yourself?

Have a fabulous monday with lots of sunshine.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Making one to see VII

The end of Making one to see marks also the end of the summer for me. This string of symbols are reminders and memories of special moments of a summer gone by. Nothing was planned, each time I held my needle I just felt the need to share a part of this special time on a piece of cloth. The moments of the wind made me listen more intensely. The hikes taught me to pay more attention to the beauty of my surroundings. And than there were the conversations with friends who made me see the connection. Nothing is separate but seeing what binds can be tough at times. The way I work is differently now, my need to meet people got another perspective and my love for life got a new dimension. All in all I have to say: "The summer was good"

The filming of my new video brought a number of surprises but everything fitted just perfectly together and I couldn't have done the job without the help of mother nature and the whispers of the wind.

If one surrenders completely to the moments as they pass,
one lives more richly in those precious particles of time.

Anne Morrow Lindbergh 

Have a fabulous day with whatever you do.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Making one to see VI

In the first post of this serie I already mentioned that the eye-painting of Scott Marr as a source of inspiration. Since this picture is capturing my eye each day I decided to make my own version of it. While the other symbols are small this one is relatively large.

Again I used driftwood, the weave technique used in dreamcatchers and the copper nails which were found a couple of years ago on the beach close to Ærø. And again I used the bayeux-stitch but this time I made my own variations with the stitch. In the variations I used the chain-stitch, french knots and buttonhole stitch. Together the stitches are giving a rich texture to the symbol.

Making one to see is a serie to remind myself how rich life is with beautiful experiences, friends just an email away and that no matter, new adventures always lay ahead.

To finish todays post I have a song for you from Nina Simon.

No matter what you do today, Enjoy yourself.


Friday, October 14, 2011

Making one to see V

During my absence in blogosphere our house also got a new roof, this led to a whole range of new experiences. Never before had I been standing on a scaffolding and it was an awesome. Don't worry I didn't put the roof on, I just painted the new woodwork. My love for the wind isn't a secret for you since I blogged about it time and again. You probably remember this booklet. But while standing high up, smelling the fresh wood, the paint and the wind blowing so fiercely at times I just felt free. I remembered my dad, who was a carpenter, I thought about my dreamhouse in the magazine and in the evening I sat down browsing through my encyclopedia on wood. Yes, I admit I have such a book. (blushing).

So this little roof in bayeux-stitch is a reminder of my time on the roof because the experience made me see how much I love to try new things and how past, present and future are weaved together.

Have a fabulous day and smile because life is so beautiful.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Making one to see IV

That inner voice has both gentleness and clarity. So to get to authenticity, you really keep going down to the bone, to the honesty, and the inevitability of something.
Meredith Monk

A moment of perfect clarity comes always unexpected. At times one need to be knocked over the head before seeing what is right in front of us. This is what happend to me, luckily Zuzana stopped by and floored me totally. Therefore I decided to embroider this symbol once more and nail it to a piece of driftwood with an eye, lets hope it will make me see what I have to face next time.

Have a fabulous day and I hope you aren't falling over something that is right in front of you.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Making one to see III

But by the time you get there and you get home, it winds up being a lot of time out. So I'm getting the itch to build, I know that. I keep looking at my stacks of wood and what I can do with it.
Guy Clark
While being on my walkabout I reminisced about the material wood, memories were and still coming back to me since I'm still working on this project. It might be strange but for some reason I consider stones like libraries and wood as the nurturer of mother nature.
Some time ago I found a small piece of driftwood at the beach which felt perfect as a symbolic base for lives to start on, the knitted parts the roads of life and the four small wooden beads on each road stand for the four directions of the wind. It is a meditative piece and while photographing it the wind made the two roads touch each other, which made perfect sense to me. It made me see that life is all about touch and being touched, a smile appeared in my heart and on my face.

Have a lovely day with a smile on your face.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Making one to see II

This little pink shell I found the other day on the road in front of my house, which is kinda odd because despite the fact that  I live on an beautiful peninsula, the beach is a few kilometers away. It raises the question how did it land almost on my doorstep?

The shell is one of the symbols on Soul Food. The explanation I gave was:
A shell is a home, a place of shelter for a little animal. He doesn't want to be spotted but is still seen in all it's beauty because of his unique shell. The shell is strong, the weakness is the small opening which needs to be there in order to live. Being open is a neccesity for us human beings too but how often don't we want to hide?
Those who followed the making of Soul Food know that the color pink means carries all the facets of love to me.  So why do I tell you all this. Well at the moment that I found this little one I was angry with myself for making a mess of things and when I feel that way I tend to shy away from the world. Normally Anneli, Karen or Zuzana try to make me see the beauty of life again with their wisdom and talent to make me laugh. This time a perfect little pink shell was delivered at my doorstep and the sun inside myself started shining again. To make sure that I remember this co-incidence I made this.

Have a great day with your own little miracle.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Making one to see I

As you can see in the picture above the first piece of this serie is a leaf in a frame of pieces of wood that I found on the beach.  This leaf brings back a lot of memories. Lets see if I can write it down in such a way that it also makes sense to you.

First of all it reminds me of my eye-haemorrhage early february 2010. It was a scary time, losing my eyesight partly, an eye-operation and the aftermath without knowing if things would turn out ok. You, my blogfriends, kept me company while I was sitting with my head down following the instructions of the doctor. Edit sent me Nothing I've ever known from Brian. And although it is a love song the lines:

Right now I feel - just like a leaf on a breeze
Who knows where it's blowin'
Who knows where it's goin'
I find myself somewhere I - I never thought I'd be
Going round in circles 

are engraved in my memory, I will never forget them because that's how I felt and they made me see how fragile one is. Now after 18 months, three eye-surgeries and no second haemorrhage, which was a fear of the doctors, I am ok again. Despite the fact that I lost part of my eye-sight I still can do what I love to do and this leaf shows you that.

The frame has also a special message. If you look closely you can see that the frame isn't totally closed. The reason for that lies in the conversations I have with Judith from time to time while sitting down with our Chai tea in some cafe in Sønderborg. No matter which topic we are discussing the conclusion is often the same. That conclusion is that a lot of problems come into this world because we, human beings, stick to a box of rules without questioning if these rules are there for our benefit or to stop us from being ourselves and expressing us accordingly. So my leaf isn't boxed in, it is blowing in the wind and who knows where it is going. To protect the leaf a little bit I used the weaving technique as I used in What you see is what get-envelope and in my little dreamcatcher.

This is all for today, hope you like the little leaf in bayeux-stitch and the meaning it has for me.

Have a wonderful day and remember to smile, you never know who's heart you touch.


Making one to see

This is the first post for my new project Making one to see. Started this project just before I started to blog again and have been working steadily on it. Todays post is about the sources of inspiration.

 Eyes, the miracle of miracles.
  • Scott's beautiful eye, this beautiful photo of his artwork is catching my eye daily and still I'm amazed by all the details he has put in it. 
  • A magazine on wooden houses, which holds a description of my dreamhouse, of 1998.
  • A card I made, inspired by the work of Karen.
  • A pink shell that I found on the road in front of our house despite the fact that the beach is a couple of kilometers away. 
  • The painting Beth gave me together with her beautiful butterfly card.
  • My luck that the eye-haemorrhage didn't stop me from what I love to do. 
  • And the last one, but certainly not the least one, is my bubbling fountain of conversations with friends, what would I do without them. 

Interesting enough?

Have a fabulous day and we meet again soon.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Just because

Almost a month ago I published my first video Just because. At that time I didn't tell anything about the new artwork or why I created this serie. So that is going to be corrected today. The serie Just because is a combination of old and new pieces and each of them tell a part of a not written story.

This celtic drawing in purple for me is about life. It tells how we move from one situation to the next, how we meet happiness and sorrow while travelling around through our time.

Some of you have already seen this symbol a couple of times since I am so happy with it. First of all this symbol has nothing to do with religion. The two crosses-symbol stand for two people, who never met, standing at crossroads. They sense connection and as soon as they meet the two crosses will become one cross. If you think in soulmate terms, you probably understand what I mean.

This clothposter is from the serie Courtship, for the love of it. The words describe the way people courted through the centuries and I'm fascinated by the diverse ways in how people meet, not only in a romantic way.

This symbol has been with me forever and you can even see it in my very first post, just as the two crosses. This circular form can be seen as the path the soul needs to travel. But every now and than the soul wanders off the circle by choice or an experience. Later on when things don't feel good anymore it has to find it's way back too the circle in order to feel I'm on the right track again.

The connection symbol has been seen on this blog in all it stages but somehow I managed to keep the inspiration for this one hidden. The name of the symbol is connection and again it is about two people and how their energy and openess create another circle for life. The origin of this symbol lies an interview I saw with Keith, specificly the timeframe of 3.14 til 4.00.

This last symbol is one I created while being on my walkabout. The sentence: "Whether we meet next weekend, next month or never again, it doesn't matter, it's only time." Comes from the american TV-serie called Queer as folk, final episode of season 5 in the timeframe 00.45.00 til 00.46.05. What this symbol means to me is that time and again we say goodbye to people for various reasons. Still the separation, the time we spend apart, is only physical and that doesn't really matter since the energy shared, the memories stay with us forever.

To end this very personal serie I have made another video with not only pictures but also video-footage. I chose to make Just because this way because life is filled with debris and only love and care between people makes this world beautiful. The music is from Alvin Lee, another man who knows how to touch a guitar.

Have a great weekend with lots of inspiration.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New source of inspiration

Some time ago I opened an account on You Tube. At first I just used it as an archive for music video's I liked. Now that I also have started to make my own video's it is becoming a source of inspiration. Why? Because musicians have started to sent me their material and I have to tell you I received some gems.

The first song Smile again is from Brian.

The second song for you today is Take ur country home from Rick.

The third video is Sleeping on the interstate from Granger.

The fourth song is from Ricardo with his song Imagine.

And the last one for today is from Sean and John with Let me go down.

Have to admit the last one is my favorite but I know not all of you are just as crazy about loud guitars as I am and therefore I give you also some music in which the guitar is gently touched. Hope you will have as much fun with these guys as I already had.

Enjoy yourself today.