Friday, September 23, 2011

Swedisch helleristninger

Last year I visited a site with Norwegian helleristninger, rock carvings and thought they were very special. But you can imagine my surprise when I found this site which was lying just beside the road.

For me it was a mind blowing experience. Art made in the Bronze age, this beautiful was just beside the road, totally unprotected. A Native American Indians proverb says that the consequences of ones action will affect 7 generations. In this case a lot longer because tourists, like me, still visit this place every day.

Have a beautiful day filled with inspiration.



Zuzana said...

Dear Elizabeth, marvelous discovery. I so agree, amazing that this incredible ancient art can be watched by us thousands of years later.
I hope the art we leave behind can survive that long.;)
Have a great weekend,

karen said...

just beautiful....

lheurebleue said...

die tekeningen zijn inderdaad verbazingwekkend mooi! je probeert je het wie, hoe, waarom voor te stellen. zou het begrip kunst al bestaan hebben of was dit puur ritueel?

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh, you found a lot of goodies there, dear Elizabeth, and I bet you got inspired!

Where exactly is this place? The red colouring is filled in again later, I suppose? Is there a known 'story' behind it?

Ah, what a temptation to get along on this path again ... I just have to get myself better organized!