Friday, September 30, 2011

Some eyecandy for the weekend

The first video is about Soul Food, a quilt like embroidery-project with 187 carthographic symbols from my life. Friends, milestones, crossroads, hopes and dreams caught in one project.


A project from Kids Company with mixed media shoeboxes was the source of inspiration for this project. Their exhibition didn't include a textile shoebox and I felt the challenge to make one for myself. 

Have a fabulous weekend filled with lots of sunshine, memories of the past and dreams for the future.


Monday, September 26, 2011

What, when, why, how?

How is life in Denmark?

What is on your mind?

What is your source of inspiration at the moment? 

How do you find your stories?

Why is the beach such a special place for you?

Are you developing a new serie?

When can I see it?

In this serie of photographs I answered all of the questions except one. 
Soon you will be able to see my new work.
Just remember embroidery is like slow food, it needs time!

Have a fabulous day.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Swedisch helleristninger

Last year I visited a site with Norwegian helleristninger, rock carvings and thought they were very special. But you can imagine my surprise when I found this site which was lying just beside the road.

For me it was a mind blowing experience. Art made in the Bronze age, this beautiful was just beside the road, totally unprotected. A Native American Indians proverb says that the consequences of ones action will affect 7 generations. In this case a lot longer because tourists, like me, still visit this place every day.

Have a beautiful day filled with inspiration.


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The and some of blogging

Besides travelling to Sweden, with which I will bore you more later, I also took the train and went to Ã…rhus during my walkabout. I won't tell you about the itinerary that that required neither since the person I visited is much more interesting. When I started blogging, I had read blogs for some time alraedy and each time the writers wrote about their friends. My reaction was: HA, you want me to believe that. (the cynical me)

But I started anyway and after some time this whirlwind started visiting. (Although the truth has to be told I found her post on Sletterhage fyr and made a comment.) Now almost three years later we are still writing each other each day. Some days just some scribbles. Other days the mails consist out of smileys and we acting more like teenage girls than back in the days when we were  teenage girls. In a number of mails we gave each other a written handkerchief to dry our tears or make each other dance in front of the computer on the latest music of our heart. And than there were these discussions in which she did her best to pursuade me to blog about that particular subject. You want to meet this gemstone?

(Two giggling girls trying to stand in front of a camera with a life of its own.)

So my dear Zuzana this post is for you and to make the surprise even bigger I added one of the pieces you wanted to see on my blog called: The three things I truly own. 

The first one is my soul, the energy that makes me who I am, the energy that communicates with my environment, the energy that gives me the possibility of sharing my love with the world. 

The second one, which is also my very own, is my body. My body, the house of my soul, the storage place of my memories, the workshop of my talents, the only piece of my ownership that is palable. My body is the first merit I am judged upon by others since that is the first they lay their eyes on. 

The third piece I own is time. This commodity is one everybody has but no one knows how much time they have on this planet. Each minute can be our last one and still we feel immortal. How we spend our time is very important. Not to reach the highest economical goal but to reach the most forfillment for ones soul. 

It is of little importance what other people think of the way you or I live but how we think and feel about it is. Nevertheless we are very influenced by our environment since we have the need to fit in. This need is in us since we cannot survive alone. Each person we meet can be a learning tool. He or she is making choices and the way we view them defines us. 

Our inability to survive on our own and the need to define ourselves makes that we want to belong to a group of people with similar traits. If we don't find such a group we feel vulnerable. Does this mean that if you find a group your worries are over? No, groups and agendas change constantly and we always have to make constant adjustments to keep on fitting in. These alterations may cause a problem since the agenda of the group may not be your personal agenda.

Knowing what you want and need but most of all give the world is uniquely yours to give, that is what is most important. But how much are we willing to sacrifice everyday to do just that?

Dear Zuzana, I know you are sitting behind your computer at the office and this surprise is my gift to you since you are just Sweety.

I wish everybody a day filled with friends who encourage you to step out and be yourself.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Changing the landscape, the epilogue of the epilogue

Last year the serie of Changing the landscape started and I have to confess I had no idea I would totally become hooked on the subject. The vikings, the helleristninger and the way history is influenced by it all is the red thread throughout this project. By telling you about a number of documentaries, taking you with me to a Viking weekend and making a large serie of textile paintings with these old rockcarvings we came a little closer to these fierce warriors, skillful craftsmen and talented traders.

But my fascination wasn't satisfied yet and during my walkabout I got the chance to visit a magical place in Sweden. The helleristninger, which you are about to see, were made during the Bronze age but recently painted again. That makes photographing them a lot easier and so I ended up with tons of pictures. Therefore I have for you today a video with footage I made in Sweden combined with the textile paintings I made, despite the fact that I already wrote an epilogue some months ago.

Have a magical day.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eyecandy from Sweden

Sometimes I felt like I was climbing towards the sky

although earth bound

Dreaming of a workplace for myself

 while seeing artwork of others

in detail

Being on the coast means: boats,


and beautiful sunsets displayed in front of our tent in the evening.

A small impression of my time in Sweden.
Have a wonderful day with memories of a summer gone by in your heart.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Just because

My last post is already five months old, time is going so fast when one is on a walkabout. It was marvellous and I can recommand it to anyone. Now it time to hear your voices again and share with you the wonderful things life brings to my table.

The title of this post is Just because. While I was wandering around I made a lot of pictures and one of the new things I learned is how to make video. The embroidery installation consist of 6 pieces, a combination of textile paintings and a clothposter, words combined with symbolism, from running stitches to bayeux stitches but purple is taking the lead. Curious?

What do you think? Is it easier this way to understand the story I'm telling or would you rather just have pictures? You can share your thoughts and ideas here or on my youtube channel. Thanks.

Enjoy your weekend.