Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A new challenge

Most of you know that I also participate in the blog A sustainable life. On that blog I wrote a piece called Clothes anyone? The research for this story was a lot of fun and led me to all kinds of blogs and flickr-accounts. The flickr-account of Melanie was the most attractive one for me because it gave me a sense of hé I can do this too. 


Now the thought was a lot easier than the process I have to admit even though we are just talking about a scarf. Anyway, in the picture above you can see how I cut the sleeves into rectangles and stitched them with a running stitch together again.


Than came the hard part. I had to use my sewing machine. This sounds probably ridiculous and it is ridiculous. I have a sewing machine for about 8 years I guess and if it has been outside its box twice than that is a lot. This gives you some indication of my skills!!!! But I did manage to get it all stitched together, don't ask about the amount of time I used, and this is the result so far.

What is left is that I have to put the cuff on the scarf and sewing the black linen backside on it. With a little bit of luck, just one day of work. Keep your fingers crossed and you may see a machine sewed piece made by me after all.

Have a great day with a learning smile.



Zuzana said...

Oh I wish I had a sewing machine.;) I had one when I was very young, an old one that would ruin my clothes, but I used it all the time in my very tiny first apartment.;) I always fixed my clothes and I love the idea of making my own clothes - I did a few when I was young, some were ok.;)
Today I still think it could be fun, but the fabrics are ridiculously expensive.
I like your creation so far and am looking forward to see the finished process.;)
Have a lovely day,

karen said...

I think it's wonderful, you will have the most unique scarf in town!!

lheurebleue said...

mooi dat een stof een nieuw leven krijgt - en zo terugaanelkaargezet ziet het er heel anders uit.
een naaimasjien kan handig zijn maar eigenlijk naai ik het liefste met de hand. ik heb sinds een tijdje een nieuwe naaimasjien - eindelijk een gehoorzaam beestje ...

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

I will cross not only my fingers but all of my toes as well, dear Elizabeth!

And hey! you did it! I know how hard the start was and I must say I'm really proud of you! Big WOW! And it will look great! And you will find pleasure in sewing within short, I'm sure!

And @Zuzana: You're right about the often expensive fabrics - but what about buying 2nd hand and just changing it into own creations? Saves not only money but a lot of time consuming detail sewing as well! And it's 'green' ...