Friday, March 25, 2011

The fourth and final installment of post 500

(this is the backside)

For the 500th post give-away I made something especially for Spud. Spud asked for a small piece with the colours yellow, orange, turqoise and bright greens. She wanted some embroidery, knitting and crochet.
Luckily I had all colours in my stash of embroidery threads except for turqoise. So instead of turqoise I incorporated 3 different blue's.


The first four rows are variations of the running stitch done in 4 different shades of green and 4 different colours from yellow to bright orange. The fifth row is a green french knot. The sixth row is bullion knot, the seventh row in the dark green is a  knippesting. (danish name) The eight row is a chainstitch. The nineth row in orange is a split stitch, in row no. 10 you'll find a coral stitch. The bright orange is a millefleur stitch (danish name) and the last two rows are made in a blanket stitch. Had a little extra fun with these two rows because I took from each colour on piece of thread and combined it to a new thread.
If you happen to know the english names for knippesting and millefleur stitch, please let me know.

(detail picture)

Here you see a detailed picture with all the different stitches. It was great fun for me to make this little one, some golden oldies and some new stitches combined in colours I don't use that often. It looks like a garden to me.

Since Spud is a very talented photographer and you can see her pictures here, they are just perfect. If you would like to see what Anneli, Julie and Karen won, just click on their names.

The celebration of this milestone have come to an end. Time to start working to the next one: no. 750!!!!

Have a fantastic day with a colourful smile.



Zuzana said...

Congratulations again on passing number 500.;)
And you are so creative and I visited the lucky winner and indeed her photography is stunning.;)
Have a lovely Friday my dear, even if it starts very grey and cloudy here.;)
And on top of everything I am soooo dizzy again, but I will try to smile.;)

karen said...

I love this, a precious little sampler of stitches!!

lheurebleue said...

wat leuk om een echo van jouw blog op de blog van spud te zien. mooie give away heeft ze gekregen. en wat zou ik graag zulke foto's kunnen maken!

Rachel said...

I think knippesting is wheatsheaf stitch in English. Can't help with the other, I'm afraid!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

What a sweet and colourful piece of art, Elizabeth, done with your perfect stitches and a lot of care!

And thank you so much for linking me and above all for the wonderful red-coated pebbles I received!

I'm sorry for not having commented earlier, but my internet connection was weary for the last couple of days ...

By the way, the millefleur-stitch is called chainstitch in English - and the mille fleurs flowers themselves are named Lazy Daisy!

Have a good beginning of the week, dear Elizabeth!