Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Changing the landscape epilogue

Yesterday morning, 10.00 am, 3 degree celcius and a lovely breeze to keep me company at the beach.


It was time to make the epilogue of Changing the landscape.


Changing the landscape is about vikings,
 the way they made their mark on the world.


But also about how creativity is giving me a new path to walk,
Just have to click my heels like Dorothy and .....

Enjoy your day and give the world your bright smile.



Zuzana said...

That is a beautiful epilogue to a great theme.;) What a lovely beach and yes, what a lovely last days we have had, a preview of what is to come.;)
Have a great day dear friend,

karen said...

it looks absolutely stunning. They definitely belong there...they have found their rightful place. You must feel a massive sense of accomplishment. well done x

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh wow, what a beach ...! And how well your pebbles and pictures fit into the landscape!

Yes, creativity gives us a new path to follow, to discover, to develop, to meet ...

julochka said...

hey, i went to the beach yesterday too! i found loads of stones, but none even close to as lovely as yours!! it was a marvelous plan to lay yours out there, leaving your mark like the vikings.


Christian Patton said...

Such lovely images Elizabeth and your work is just so beautiful and so full of wonderful colours ....love how it adds so much beauty to the beach !!