Monday, March 7, 2011



Just another day in blogosphere but the unbelieveable has happend, today I write post no. 500. Looking back fills me with gratitude for all the new friends I met while travelling through Landanna. All the beautiful artwork that fell into my lap of good fortune at the give-aways. All the laughter, tears and music that I shared with strangers I have come to know and love. All the hours of holding my needle or pencil but above all the kindness that was shown to me.

This needs to be celebrated but how? Why don't you tell me this week what you would like to have, what you would like to know or what you would like to see and I'll see how many wishes I can forfill.

With a smile of happiness.



Zuzana said...

Oh, congratulations dear Elizabeth! That is a great number.
It is difficult to ask for anything new, as you are already doing such a great job a sit is.;)
Have a lovely day, it looks like another sunny one.;)

Mary said...

Congratulations Elizabeth.

And I echo what Zuzana said!

karen said...

hey!! well done...we must be I want for nothing, everything is perfect...but if you insist, a stone wearing a beautiful dress....

spudballoo said...

Well CONGRATULATIONS!! i think you are just perfect but would you like a challenge? How about a little piece of work, stitching, crochet, knitting...something in really, really bold and vivid colour? What do you think? x

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh, you are so generous again, dear Elizabeth! And congratulations to your 500th posting - wow! so many already!

First I thought just like Zuzana and Mary, that I wouldn't ask for anything, just feeling happy to know you and read about what you're up to - and I am and I do! - and then my eyes were magically drawn to your red crocheted pebbles ... especially to the two similar ones in the middle.

You have given me so much already, but if I could have one like these someday, I would cherish it a lot ... and I would also be curious to know how you do them!

And please tell me what I could give you in return!

julochka said...

a BIG congratulations on your 500th post!! what a milestone (no pun intended in light of your photo). :-)

i did an interview for my 500th post...but i think that you should have a giveaway of your own...that always makes everyone happy!

here's hoping there will be 500 more and 500 more and 500 more...