Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Lately I have been travelling a lot, well in my mind at least. Reading about Detroit, about meditation, about courtship and do it yourself in a sustainable way. Sometimes a single sentence or a few seconds in a movie can make such a huge impact that I want to create my idea right than and there. Sometimes I act like an huge pit that can't get enough to be forfilled. This is the place were I am at the moment. I have this huge craving that draws me to read and see more of Detroit and the DIY-movement at the same time I create less. My folders are growing day by day, travelling without knowing where I am going.

All of this means less time to hold my needle and creating but a surplus of ideas that needs time to mold, channeled in a way that feels like me. It is a good feeling because my world growing.

What is keeping your busy with a smile lately?



Zuzana said...

Detroit of all places, wow, interesting.;)
Yes, I know the feeling, when we are on a trip of discoveries, it feels so exhilarating, like our eyes are suddenly opened.
I am looking forward to see what comes out of your journeys.;)
Have a great day my dear Elizabeth,

karen said...

love those pages, they would be an amazing starting point for sketches. I have an unexplained hankering to go to New Orleans...why????

kristina said...

I heard on the news today that the dollar is cheap right now, so in my mind I'm travelling back to new york. maybe I should stop by detroit when I'm over there? ;-)

julochka said...

i know this feeling. intimately. i blame you a little bit. :-)