Thursday, February 3, 2011

A new dye

This picture was taken while the cloth was still dripping wet and the sun was shining. My attempt of shibori with the sun shining through was just worth to take a picture off.

Here you can see it washed, dryed and ironed. Yes, another avocado-peel-dye. Collected the peels of a number of avocado's and let them dry. When they became totally wrinkled I boiled them for 20 minutes and let them soak for a couple of days. I had a baby seize cottoncover so that one went into the dark liquid. Again patience has to do the trick and therefore only after a couple of days I took it out of the pot.

Got surprised because the inside of the cover is more pinkish while the outside leans towards a brown color. Oh how lucky one can get.

Have a day filled with colorful smiles.



Zuzana said...

This became truly stunning, you are so talented!
Hope you are having a lovely morning.;)

Anonymous said...

Really lovely effect; what an amazing colour from avocado.
Hope you are having a sunny day :-)

karen said...

you have achieved some amazing colour here and the lace edge in the middle picture just makes me swoon...smiling here too x