Monday, February 21, 2011

In need of a confession 
 Courtesy of My ballroom dancing shoes

During the winterholidays my dear Zuzana took it upon herself to introduce me to Susan Deborah of Meanderings and Reflections and I am glad, very glad she did. But little did she know that this trip along the meaderings of Susan Deborah would take me back to my teenage years. Susan Deborah wrote a post about Jim Reeves and a door of memories opened. His music took me back to the days of swirling on the dancefloor. Back to the slowfox, the elegant waltz and sparkling quickstep. Although I know that I will never be taken for a spin again that doesn't mean my heart and feet long for it. Therefore I wrote this small dedication to my dancing days while I let you enjoy a song of Jim Reeves called I love you because. 

Thank you ladies for this unexpected gift.
Have a lovely day with a dancing smile.



Zuzana said...

Oh, I am so happy dear Elizabeth that you enjoyed a walk down the memory lane.;) Sometimes the most wonderful things can occur all of a sudden and quite unexpectedly.;)
Wishing you a lovely day dear friend,

Susan Deborah said...


Memories are beautiful, aren't they? They remind us of times when we were passionate, rebellious, fearless, and so on. That does not mean that we are no longer what we used to be but still we always feel that we were quite an item back then.

I am glad that Jim Reeves reminded you of your days of yore.

And Zuzana, she is such a wonderful person herself.

Your comments enliven my posts and I'm so happy that Zuzana connected us :)

Loved reading this simple post of getlemen Jim and your dance forays.

Joy always,

karen said...

ah, memory lane, I was there myself yesterday when someone mentioned an old Motown song....
gorgeous that you???