Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Courtship, for the love of it XIV

It was long past midnight when I realized that I was almost done with the first part of the symbol of connection. Time is passing so fast whenever I am holding my needle and live in my embroidery-bubble with some music entertaining my ears. This song fitted so beautiful that I kept it on the repeat and let my whole being be engraved with it. Hope you enjoy it too.

Have a fantastic tuesday with a bright smile to share.



Zuzana said...

I love the detail of your embroidery, that picture is very interesting. It is full of contrasts to me - soft and hard, colour and colourless.
And of course - lovely song.;)
Have a great day dear friend,
PS: Spring is coming - happy March.;)

karen said...

your stitches are so perfect.....my speakers still don't work!!!! Can't enjoy the music....booo!!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Yes, you're right - it's wonderful to be so captured by one's work and to listen to favourite music while stitching ... balsam for soul and mind.