Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Courtship, for the love of it XII

The picture above was taken at the end of an evening filled with holding my needle. The symbol told me about patience, about looking for small details but most of all about connecting.

Have a mindful day with a loving smile.



Susan Deborah said...


How a simple needle-thread-cloth can open our thoughts to many layers of wisdom. Just looking at your work, I can see that patience is the key ingredient for the connection of smaller details.

Joy always,

karen said...

how big is this? I know how hard this is to do and you are doing it so well.

Zuzana said...

Yes, connection between people, that is what is all about.;) A day late visiting, but better late then never.;)

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Then this is your very personal symbol, dear Elizabeth, because you've got the patience (for stitching tiny, perfect little stitches, f.e. - I've seen them!), you're holding your eyes wide open for the small important details of life - and you work a lot on connecting ...