Friday, February 11, 2011

Courtship, for the love of it X

In my art-journal I already made this symbol in wool but I couldn't resist to draw it again and outline it with a deep dark purple pencil and color the inside with watercolor paint.

After that I painted the symbol I knew I had to embroider it. Made a start and became aware that this symbol is probably the most important new symbol I ever made despite the fact that Soul Food is totally filled with symbols. Maybe I am getting a bit carried away by this symbol. Still this eloquent, simple symbol can become a wonderful teacher.

Many more hours of embroidery lay ahead and I am looking forward to be holding my needle and listening to some loving music.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind responses, they are the tokens of travelling together. Next week I won't visit landanna since we have the winterholiday.

Enjoy yourself with a huge smile because with your smile you make more life beautiful.



Zuzana said...

It is interesting how a symbol, when we view it over and over, gains a new meaning and becomes even more important then when we first saw it, even though already then we perceived its significance.
Have a lovely Friday dear Elizabeth,

karen said...

it's a very beautiful symbol and the stitching is wonderfully executed. Have a lovely holiday....miss you already!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Isn't this actually the symbol for 'hug' when you look at it that way ... :-)?

And I'm glad we're on winter vacation simultaneously - then I can't miss your postings!

Have a great time, dear Elizabeth, and be a good student at the sewing machine!

Christina said...

how beautiful!

thank you, thank you for your kind comments, when i needed them most.

karen said...

just stopping by to say hi!!!

karen said...

can't wait to see what delightful things you have to show us tomorrow!!!

kristina said...

hope you've had a great vinterferie - look forward to seeing you back here next week :-)

julochka said...

it is a lovely symbol and reminds me of a cleaner, more scandinavian version of the egyptian hieroglyph that features an eye (of course, i would see an eye in this symbol). :-)

it's beautiful how its meaning grows for you, the more you work with it.