Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Courtship, for the love of it IX

Today I have an update for you on the courtship clothposter. It is almost done, but I am running in a little bit of trouble which is called the lack of planning. I didn't plan anything, made no pattern on how the words were suppose to be sewn on the cloth. The result is that I am now running out of small words to make everything fit together. So if you can think of a word that you feel is related to courtship, please let me know. Thanks.

Have a day of wonder with an asking smile.



Zuzana said...

Have you used love?;)
What about hope and joy.;)
I hope you are having a lovely Wednesday.
I am at work early again and it was a gorgeous sunshine morning, but no sunshine within today.
First in a week...

karen said...

holding hands...(seperately added), ring, adore, kiss, touch, soft, lips, ......

tangled stitch said...

Dance there is nothing as wonderful as dancing with a new love. Not that I remember back that far but thats my word.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Let my word be 'joy'.

Small enough, but with big essence.