Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A conversation stuck in my head

Last week I had another appointment with my eye-doctor, everything is still going fine. After the appointment it was time to have some tea, talk and fun and so I met with Jude in S√łnderborg. Somehow we started talking about rules and traditions and how people stick to them no matter what. That conversation is now stuck in my head and therefore I made this collage as a visualization of it. I want to keep it because I see an embroidery piece in it. 

Have a lovely day filled with a infectious smile on your face to chase away the greyness of january.



Zuzana said...

You know you have a talent making collages.;)
I think it is great that you can express in your art what yo feel. I only paint what I see, never what I feel. That I only write about.
Have a lovely day too my dear friend, at least it is reasonably warm.I No scarping ice of the car this morning.;)

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

The idea of using a collage as inspiration for an embroidery sounds very interesting indeed!

Ever thought of making a textile collage - or maybe in combination with paper?

Wish you a lot of smiles today too, dear Elizabeth! And so glad your eyes are OK!

karen said...

hope they aren't tears at the bottom??? Glad your eye is o.k.!!

julochka said...

oooh, embroidery with layers...i think that's a good direction to go in...