Monday, January 10, 2011


Yep, four needlebooks are living in our house. Since each has its own name, story and purpose I decided to tell you about these sweet necesities of life.

The oldest one is the Turtle, it is the large green one and the only one I made myself. More than eight years ago when I realized that embroidery was to stay in my life I chose to embroider the back of the turtle since the turtle and embroidery keep the same pace. The Turtle is used when I have a large project going because it is large enough to keep some threads that I will use later on.

This  little yellow one is Sweety. The name refers to Claudia, who made it as my gift of Jewels, the softness of the felt it is made of and the size ofcourse. Sweety is used almost daily. All my favorite needles are living there.

The third one is called Butterfly since a butterfly sewed on the top, this one I got from Julie when she visited me after the eye-incident. In this needlebook I keep my beautiful, special pins. My small pins I keep in a little box or on my pincushion.

The latest addition Soulmate arrived just before christmas as a special gift from a generous lady who doesn't want to be mentioned. Nevertheless I love the effort she made to make me this needlebook with such a beautiful symbol on it. The purpose of this on is to store the extra amount of needles, the just in case needlebook.

Are four needlebooks really necessary? No but it is good to have them since they reflect also the kindness and friendship that resides on the net.

Let's start our monday off with a smile of friendship.



Zuzana said...

They are all beautiful! And what lovely gifts to give to a creative woman.;))
Have a great Monday full of smiles,

karen said...

If you have four needle books that you love then four needle books are necessary. I actually don't have a single needle book!! I do however have far too many pin cushions...

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

What a nice and personal posting! And suddenly I realize, that I'm definitely lacking a needle book - got so inspired by yours!

kristina said...

how lovely that they each have their own story and purpose! I hope you've had a good start to your week.
k xx

julochka said...

you can never have too many needle books. or small scissors (because someone will always haul those off and they won't be where you think they are when you need them).

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I'm so delighted to see that you actually use the needle book! That and what you wrote makes me feel very happy :)

Love the stories behind all of your needle books and the series on love you are doing.

Be well ~