Thursday, January 6, 2011

Changing the landscape XVI

In the last week of december 2010 I showed you my embroidery doodles on wool. So far in this serie I used knitted woollen backgrounds and embroidered on cotton or linen. This time I turned the materials around and the effect ashtonished me when the I saw the doodles become a textile painting.

Hope they surprised you too.

Have a great day with some snow and a smile.



Zuzana said...

Yes, I am surprise too, but in a good way!;)) Beautiful contrast of white against the blue, so fitting the season.;)
Have a great Thursday Elizabeth,

karen said...

there is something so appealing about felt, it's soft and comforting too. We don't have snow today, do you?

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

I'd go for the smile - but not for the snow, please!

Hello again, dear Elizabeth - I'm back from outer space now and very pleased to see that you've been so busy with exciting experiments meanwhile ...!

I really love these doodles on felt - to me they look like original rock carvings - helleristningar - especially the ones on the grey (stone) background!

And I'm more than curious to see how it will proceed ...!

Wishing you a great start for the new year!