Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changing the landscape XV

During the holidays I have been reading about Valhalla. Only when vikings died on the battlefield they were allowed to enter Valhalla and that was the greatest honour.

I guess this belief helped the vikings to remain in power for so long, they wanted to enter Valhalla and so they fought without any hesitation.

If we knew we couldn't fail, that a reward we longed for was waiting for us, what would we be doing right now?

Have a lovely day with a smile on your face.



Zuzana said...

This is one of my favorite post of your...
I love the collage and the lay on the most powerful words in our language. And I love the sentiments - the way you combine the courage of Vikings with the reality of our present.
Yes indeed, we SHOULD live as if we can not fail.;) However difficult it might be.;)
Have a great snowy day dear Elizabeth,

Zuzana said...

Sorry for my bad spelling this morning.;)

Karen Turner said...

Collage can be such an effective technique, and you've done it beautifully here.

karen said...

well you know my answer to that question.....
love your torn paper x