Friday, January 7, 2011

Another display

During our christmas holiday I realized how many mandarines we eat. A whole stack of little wooden crates was waiting to be taken apart and used to make a fire outside during the summer. Than I got the idea to use one into a displaybox. Took some yarn I got at the thriftshop and started knitting.

The idea isn't new since I did it before with a strawberry cardboardbox, still I like this new place to keep my stones safe.

Thank you for visiting and you sweet comments and mails, hope you will have a great weekend filled with loving smiles.



Zuzana said...

Oh, I really like this one!! I too have those wooden boxes.;) Thank you for a great idea.;)
And have a wonderful TGIF! Here I have sunshine outside and inside as well.;)

karen said...

Oh I like that!! It's gorgeous..

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

So sweet and cosy! Would make a wonderful doll's (or bear's) bed - but your kids have outgrown this, haven't they?

julochka said...

much better use of them than letting the bunnies chew them up.

tho' i have quite a few employed to organize my fabric stash. yours is much prettier tho'.