Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter wonderland II

In the cold silence of winter

trying to find the bridge

to get home again.

Have gorgeous winterday while travelling.



Zuzana said...

What a beautiful post... So tranquil and soothing, non the least in images..
More snow is on the way, how magical is that... I stood totally mesmerized as the moon hang above the winter landscape greeting a pastel coloured dawn... I do not think I have ever seen anything more stunning in my life. Thsi has been s far the most brilliant December I ever recall, when it comes to natural beauty.
Have a lovely day my dear, I am sure I will.;))

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

What a beautiful scenery, dear Elizabeth! And you really are a talented photographer as well!

Amelia said...

this bridge looks like it could take you to magical places :)

Here's wishing you a wonderful christmas and merry new year!


karen said...

beautiful images Elizabeth, reminds me of my brothers place in Sweden. Here all the snow is dirty and brown from all the grit...