Friday, December 10, 2010

Two years ago

It has been two years today that my journey in blogosphere started. It started because I frequently visited a blog of a very special woman. In her honour we are gonna wander through memoryland and show where my moccasins did take me.

There was the busstop with books, Mystery, Listen to the wind and Book of worlds.
A new harbour, Soul Food.
Lots of beautiful picture moments and oh so often I was the lucky girl in the give-aways.
Meeting the ladies of non-silence and creating new friendships with the most fantastic, talented ladies in blogosphere. (You know who you are!!!!)
Trying a new shoebox and looking through magnificent windows
Lots of paintings, vikings and music
But most of all listening to life.

More than 450 post are written and all of this because one lady believed in me. Encouraged me to take the plunge. I took my time but finally jumped in, you know what; she didn't hesitate for a minute to show my work to the world on her fantastic blog.

Elsita, this post I made especially for you and the words THANK YOU can't express the gratitude I feel toward you. You are a very special lady and I am so happy our paths crossed.

Wish you all a blessed weekend with your loved ones and I'll see you soon.



Zuzana said...

Congratulations dear Elizabeth, what a lovely post sumarizing all the themes on your blog..;) I thank this special Lady too as if not for her, i would have never met you.;))
Have a lovely Friday,

julochka said...

a very big congratulations to you on your blogoversary! what a journey it's been and you have SO MUCH to show for it!!

so glad to have crossed paths with you as well, my zen master.


Elsita said...

Dear Elizabeth,
I am sending you a big and warm hug to celebrate this beautiful day. You're a very special woman. It's such an honor to see my name in your post. Thanks a lot for your thoughtful words. I wish you all the wonderful things that you deserve. Next year will be a very good one!
Lots of love and more hugs!
Elsita :)

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

And I'm very, very happy too, dear Elizabeth, that you started this journey ... how else could we have met you :-)!

karen said...

congratulations on your two years. I am so happy you made that plunge because now I too have a new, dear friend...