Monday, December 20, 2010

St. Lucia bread

Last week at Domestic Sensualists there was a recipe for St. Lucia bread. Since we have to eat glutenfree I tried to make one bread that fits in with our needs. Instead of 2 and a half cup of white flour I used 1 and a half cup of Schär B mix and 1 cup of Jyttemel.  Their recipe said that one could make the dough in the evening and bake it the next morning. Never done that before and I won't do it again because that didn't work very well. So we ended up with a rather flat bread but it tasted good. 

Have a great start of your week and I'll see you tomorrow.



Zuzana said...

Ah yes, lussekatter with saffron.;)) That brings back memories of my Swedish Christmases.;)
Hope you will have a nice day and can stay warm, I think a snowstorm is heading your way.;))

karen said...

and you have time to bake bread!! You really are superwoman!!

julochka said...

it probably depends on the temperature where you left it to prove. but it's good to know that - camilla plum was the one advising that originally - we didn't leave ours overnight, but "hurried" it up by setting it near the radiator where it went a bit wild rather quickly.