Monday, December 13, 2010

A new week to start

For the last week and a half I guess I have been working on three new textile paintings for the series of Changing the landscape. The knitting is done in my favorite blue this time, the signing is done and in the picture above you can see me working on the embroidery part.

In between I made some extra christmas decorations with wool I took home from Norway last summer. In the picture above you can see the felted wool stitched together with white silk in a blanket stitch and decorated with some french knots.

Hope you had a creative weekend as well and now it is time to start the week with ....

Have a fantastic day and thanks for stopping by.



Zuzana said...

Is that a Viking ship on the first picture? I love that you show your work in progress.;))
Have a splendid day dear friend, here we have gotten some fresh snow over night again so I am happy.;)


Good preparation the Xmas.

karen said...

beautiful viking ship, love the stitches.

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Great ship - are you doing it in Bayeux?

A couple of years I bought a similar ship - a metal sculpture - at Ikea, and I still like it a lot!
And some day I have to show you the border of runes (with a secret message ;-), which I painted all around the wall in my kitchen/living room ...!

Have a great week too, dear Elizabeth - probably a busy one, like me, with Christmas around the corner ...!