Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My workspace

A few weeks ago I wrote a post with the title inspirational workplace. While I was having fun last night at my table I realized that I never photographed my own workplace. Therefore a picture of my essentials in the evening for you today. A cup of tea, my embroidery-stitch book, cloth, thread, scissors, a notebook with some pens and ofcourse the computer in front of me so I can listen to music, tedtalks or a movie.

Have a lovely day while preparing for christmas



Zuzana said...

I love your workplace! I am so happy you shared it with us in images and words, I can feel that this is your special place.;)
And I know who is singing.;))
Happy "Return Of The Sun" day to you dear Elizabeth.;)

karen said...

love your work space!! So glad you liked my gift and I will be back well before next year, try keeping me away!! Have a WONDERFUL christmas, I am so glad to have found your friendship this year.

Sandra said...

It's always nice to see a workplace, I love yours.