Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas ornament

It is a special day today because I have not one but two posts for you. Why?  My bare legged mailman made a stop at our mailbox!!!! Yes and he delivered a large envelope from the UK. This is a relief for Spud and me because we were already afraid it was lost in the snow.  On the envelope she had put some pretty tape with the text: I thought and I walked and I thought ... which fits is both very well.

Inside I found a beautiful guirlande of snowflakes and christmastrees made with her special hook and very soft cotton yarn. In the photo above you also can see a crocheted angel. This ornament was given to all the ladies who came to blogcamp in january of 2010 by Polly, a blogfriend of Spud.

A large snowflake on our tree, wished you could feel the softness of the yarn, think fluffy snow in cotton. Thank you so much Spud, this guirlande will be decorating my christmastree for years to come.

Last night we got some new snow, which means pictures. This one is for you Spud

Have fun today and I'll see you tomorrow.


Zuzana said...

Blog friends are the best.;)) We have not gotten more snow but still have plenty as it is.;) I feel so sorry for everyone on Bornholm though...

julochka said...

look at her fabulous crocheting skillz! so envious!