Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas ornament swap

As you probably remember I started to organize a christmas ornament swap in september. Now, at the start of december I received my first ornament from someone special because I wasn't on the list I sent her. Anneli, you are such a generous spirit. Thank you so much for everything!!!!

My ornament was wrapped very stylish.

Here you can see my snowflake in perles, it is so delicate and strong at the same time. 
Since Danmark has become Winter Wonderland so early this year,
I have a Winter Wonderland song for you.

Have the most fantastic start of your week and thank you for stopping by at Landanna.



Zuzana said...

Oh, that is so beuatiful, you ladies are so talented and creative.;) All I can do is draw and do photo collages.;))
I guess I never really confirmed that I am out of this swap thing as here is no way I can create anything this stunning, but i am looking forward see the beuatiful ornaments you will receive.;))
Have a great day dear, here it is a beuatiful sunny winter morning,

karen said...

hej!! you have something in common with Nicole are both very lucky ladies, her for her gorgeous hubby, you for your ornaments. And, you may have a gorgeous hubby too!!

ewa-christine said...

Very nice, and have a nice day!!

kristina said...

that is so beautiful!
hope you've had a good start to your week!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh, , you are so welcome, dear Elizabeth!

(I saw on your pic that some 'arms' of the snowflake have been bent a little in the mail - please bend them right again, they are more robust than they might look like!)

I love the fancy felt wrapping (re-usable!) as well - I saw this idea in a shop once and frankly copied it for this purpose ...

(And the card is of course up-cycled too, with the scrap from the felt for the wrapping ;-)

julochka said...

beautiful!! but now i'm feeling a little guilty about my lack of packaging on the ornaments i finally sent the rate i was going, i was lucky to get them sent! :-) next year, i'll be much more organized. :-)

and speaking of ornaments, i ran onto a little envelope here today - one that was probably here for several days and no one pointed it it was a lovely map ornament, which i've now hung on the lamp beside the bed, rather than on the tree, to remind me to find my way.

thank you so much, it's lovely!


FFXIVAccount said...

Wow! Beautiful indeed. Such a nice snowflake that's made out of pearls.

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