Thursday, December 23, 2010

Changing the landscape XIV

Have been doodling within the theme of Changing the landscape. The large woollen piece is from my first attempt of dyeing with avocadopeels, on it I made small helleristning-drawings. More or less I did the same on my purple felt but than in fragments. The wonderful feeling of holding wool in my hand again makes me want to explore, feel the need to change, finding a different path. A new time slowly arrives, will I turn into an archaeologist or into an explorer?

No answers, that is allright. Wish you a fantastic day with lots of creativity and snow. Have fun today.



karen said...

the large piece of felt look so beautifully textured. I bet it feels good to hold and work with...
in other news.....still spending money here....

julochka said...

paths are always so wonderfully inviting...looking forward to seeing which one you take us down next.

merry christmas to you, my zen master.