Friday, December 17, 2010

Changing the landscape XIII

Finally I can show you the three textile paintings I promised you. Three paintings in which I used the same material and the same symbol, a helleristninger boat. Still each boat is unique because each boat is made in its own stitch. I used a backstitch variation, the Bayeux-stitch and couching stitch. The background is knitted in wool and the embroidery cloth is of a yellow cotton. The embroidery-drawing is done in very dark blue embroidery silk and metal embroidery thread in a copper color.
(The picture above resembles the color best, unfortunately due to the snowstorms on our island good light is scarce.)

These three paintings tell the story of all the things we have in common as human beings on one hand but on the other hand how totally unique we are.

The inspiration for these three pieces I got from the Prompts of Reverb 10, a few talks with this smart lady and Richard Keith Urban who made me remember something special and laugh.

Have a fantastic weekend filled with your special christmas creativity.



Zuzana said...

They are all beautiful, but the middle one is my favorite.;)
Here it sunny but cold.;) I hope you are having a great Friday dearest Elizabeth,

julochka said...

they're beautiful and each unique in their own way...similar and yet special. connected, but still perfect on their own.

well done.


Anneli/Bockfilz said...

Oh, this is really a classic 'whatiffing', using the same motif but with different techniques ...!

Beautifully made, Elizabeth - and like Zuzana, my favourite is also the Bayeux stitched one in the middle - makes the motif come out so concise!