Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A talented lady

Last weekend I met Jytte Pedersen again in our local library. You might remember her name, she was one of the ladies in this textile-exhibition. Started talking, went home to fetch this book, back to the library and did some more talking.
Later on she sent me these two pictures of quilt-paintings she made. She dyed the fabric, embroidered the faces, quilted the piece together and stamped the helleristninger on it.

Nowadays Jytte concentrates on her painting. If you also see her work made in her own studio you know why I call her a talented lady.

Have a fantastic day.



Zuzana said...

That is very interesting, I like the colour combination.;)
I hope you will have lovely day my dear Elizabeth, despite the clouds and the stormy weather outside. What a difference a day can make...

julochka said...

interesting atelier she has..rather inspiring, actually :-)