Monday, November 29, 2010

Special weekend

This weekend was a special weekend to me since I had a getaway to a trainingsfacility to become a qualified taekwondo trainer. This taekwondoclub had two very large dojang and we had a great time hearing about all the different aspects of training and ofcourse we also had some time to do some physical activities. The two pictures you see are decorations on the wall.

But I wouldn't be me if I hadn't noticed one of the pencases. This girl had a really beautiful pencase made of recycled old newspapers. The toplayer was made of thin plastic to protect the paper.

The pencase was made by Ecoist .

Hope you had a great weekend too. Have fun today and I'll see you tomorrow.



Zuzana said...

A very interesting pen case indeed. Glad you enjoyed your weekend.;)
Here more snow is falling down, no end to this weather in sight...

deanna7trees said...

i started making one of those cases with recycled magazine pages covered in clear packing tape. other projects got in the way. you've inspired me to get back to it.

kristina said...

Congratulations on becoming a taekwando trainer!

karen said...