Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pictures, pictures, pictures

Last weekend we went to Rømø, a peninsula on the westcoast of Danmark. 

Visited a local museum.

Today I serve you some images....

of the house of a rich sea-captain.

It was a small exhibition....

but worth seeing.

Have a lovely day.


Zuzana said...

That was beautiful dear Elizabeth, I love the way the objects are arranged to make it possible to walk back in time...
Have a lovely day, here it is a mixed blessing of sun and rain.;)

Mary said...

The light in these photos is exquisite. Some should be framed!!

You may not know but I am obsessed by Scandinavian interiors and have books on this. (and some on dutch interiors of course)... I love the European light so much. The Dutch seem to use darker colours enlivened by brass and Persian rugs and the Scandinavians seem to echo their silvery light with their greys, with hits of reds and blues.

Obsessed for sure...and I dream of a bed in a cupboard!!!

Anneli/Bockfilz said...

A lovely museum, and I adore every single item there ...!

I think old everyday items have a kind of 'soul' - having been touched so often, by so many hands, give them a history of their own, which you can almost feel on their surface. They have earned respect by their age, like a person.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures - you should really consider starting a career as an art photographer, Elizabeth!

julochka said...

reminds me of some of what i saw at the frilandsmuseet in copenhagen. the light is just beautiful in these pictures. must add røomø to the list