Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lucky me again!!!!

You don't know it but I have a great friend in the random number generator!!!! Yes, I won another give-away. This time the give-away of Karen. Now, lucky me, it isn't the first time I won something over at her place. The gift you see in the picture above is my first one and is still waiting for me to use it. I know in which project I want to use them but the project has materialized yet.

You probably don't know it but Karen and I have more incommon than just embroidery. You know what? Music. So on the off occasion we sent music to each other. This time I let you join the party and enjoy some music. Clip no. 1. Clip no. 2, clip no. 3 and clip no. 4 Hope you like my selection of live music.

So now the only thing I need to do is to watch out for my bare legged mailman.

Have a great day.



Zuzana said...

Congratulations! Maybe it is time to start buying lottery tickets with your luck.;)
Have a lovely day, it is back to work for me today... It is almost odd.

karen said...

I am no longer hiding, I am cleaning to the wonderful music you have sent me!! Thankyou!!xx

Karen Turner said...

Lucky you! Congratulations.

Bee said...

It seems WAY TOO COLD for bare legs, but our mailman has naked knees, too.

Crossed fingers for a "balmy" winter. :)