Friday, October 1, 2010

How lucky one can get!!!!

Two days I ago the mailman stopped by and gave me this beautiful card filled with love and best wishes from Zuzana together with a stone she had taken home from Sletterhage fyr. In the meantime I made 'a dress', as Zuzana calls it, from grey silk for the little gem. Sletterhage Fyr has a special place in my heart because it was on Helgen├Žs were my danish adventure started almost 25 years ago.

But that isn't alll. No. I also won the give-away at Amelia's place. So I know for a fact that another gift is on its way. Now how lucky can one get with such generous friends.

Thank you Zuzana and Amelia for your generosity and I did celebrate the occasion with this song.

Have a fantastic weekend.



Zuzana said...

Oh, I am so happy that the card made you recall some sweet memories and I LOVE the *dress* for your new stone.;))
Congratulations on your giveaway win as well and have a lovely Friday my dear friend,

Pursuing Art... said...

You are one *LUCKY* girl! You have many friends that love and adore *YOU*! That was so thoughtful of Zuzana and you dressed that special gem beautifully! And congrats on winning the give-away...that is always fun.

Have a great weekend!!! ~Lisa

julochka said...

it's like that stone has come home to you, eh? :-) very nice that you made it a "dress." after all, winter is coming.